Kilkenny 19 & 20 December

We finished up the year in bright winter sunshine, and smiles all round, as we toured nursing homes in the county in the excellent company of Luan Parle and Clive Barnes (pictured), and Enya Cox and Ruby and Heidi Millea from the Alize School of Music, followed by Daniel from the Lady Desart Choir, whose gorgeous tenor gave such a lovely finale to an extraordinary year. Yes, we wish the theatres and concert halls were open again, but it has been such a privilege to bring the music (and more) to people, wherever they may be. Thanks to the team, the venues, the artists, funders and supporters, and all you lovely audiences too. And wishing you a healthy happy Christmas, and the very best for 2021, when we’re looking forward to getting back out on the road again

xxx the Festival in a Van team. Broom broom…

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